Authentic Overview On How To Use Leg Massager Effectively

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how to use leg massager

No matter if it’s a sitting or standing job, our legs often get tired and fatigued after a hard day of work. It is then no surprise that people have started using leg massagers at home to relax their legs. If you also intend to buy one but wonder whether it is easy to use, take a moment to our post! Here we come with a guide on how to use leg massager depending on the type. Scroll down for more information!

How To Use Leg Massager? Depending On The Type

How about purchasing a leg massager

How about purchasing a leg massager?

The current market offers three fundamental models of leg massagers. Each one has its own merits and demerits and functions differently. Here are the well-rounded overviews of these three types:

1. Manual Leg Massagers

Get started with the simplest one – the manual leg massager. Basically, they’re textured sticks that you could roll up and down your legs with ease. Their design seems to be not complex, often with wood materials.

This type of leg massager does not require a power source itself but manpower. After determining the painful area, you grab the stick and roll it down or up to alleviate your pain little by little.

Albeit being affordable, such leg massagers may not compete with other more qualified and convenient.

2. Electric Handheld Leg Massagers

Like its name, an electric handheld leg massager runs on electric power yet is not automatic. What satisfies you most is its easy manoeuvre, meaning you can use them wherever you want. Just kick it off and place it in the area needed to ease the pain.

The market offers diverse types of heads and specialized settings so that you could select the best option for you. With different settings, switching between these settings is also feasible and straightforward.

3. Compression Leg Massagers

A compression leg massager is highly recommended for post-workout recovery, notably one suffering from various health conditions, such as poor blood flow or inflammation. Just by wrapping around your legs and filling with air, it presses on your legs and massages them step-by-step.

While using this device, all you need to do is open the cuffs and then put your legs in there. Any full-leg massager offers cuffs for feet, thighs, and calves. In particular, the cuffs will cover your legs, secured with a Velcro flap. The main cuff often comes with a rubber hose 3 feet long, bisected at its ends, and connected with remote control.

You can select modes on this device

You can select modes on this device.

Afterwards, you select modes on the remote. The cuffs fill with air (simultaneously or individually) to help tighten themselves around your legs. There will be pressure for a few seconds.

The cuffs will then either tighten or deflate more or less automatically, depending on the intensity and the mode you adjusted. The action of releasing and tightening repeats, helping relax muscle tension and boost circulation.

Overall, no one can underestimate its easy-to-use and freely manual operation, except for the fact it’s quite expensive.

Who Should Use A Leg Massager?

Get yourself relax after a hard day of work

Get yourself relax after a hard day of work

Anyone working in such unfavourable working conditions, as followed:

  • Have to stand on hard surfaces constantly
  • Work as hard labour, like construction
  • Sit down frequently

Anyone conducting such daily habits as:

  • Travel regularly
  • Constantly wear high-heel shoes
  • Exercise intensively or do the gymnastic

Elders who are suffering from chronic pain or having poor blood flow.

Anyone facing such following health problems:

  • Poor circulation
  • Foot cramps
  • Limited motion
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Dependent Edema (lower extremities’ swelling)
  • Blood clots

Anyone in recovery: This device will do the trick in helping recover after relaxing muscles and workouts.

When Should You Use A Leg Massager?

Once in a day is good enough for your health. If you desire to use it more frequently, ask the doctor for advice to know how many times you should take it up per day.

Yet, if you’re facing one of the following cases, you shouldn’t use a leg massager:

  • Having a rash or is tender because of an autoimmune disease, like scleroderma or lupus.
  • Feeling a loss in sensation on your legs due to peripheral neuropathy, notably if you are stuck in diabetes.
  • Getting a blood clot in the calf vein.
  • Being at risk of progressing blood clots in the inner thigh veins.
  • Having swollen legs, notably if they are weeping.
  • Having painful varicose veins.
  • Having brittle bone from serious osteoporosis.
  • Having open sores or skin breakdown on the legs.
  • Being at risk of hematoma formation or bruising due to a low platelet count or blood thinners.

Our Final Thoughts

We’ve passed on an adequate and concise guide on how to use leg massager. With its fabulous performance and efficiency, we’re sure it can be one of the must-have devices at home. Indeed, let the leg massager relieve all stress of yours after work, and study effectively. On top of that, please ponder on what items will be a perfect fit for your demand to gain the best results. Thanks for reading!

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