10 Best Inflatable Kayak UK 2024 – Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions

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Best Inflatable Kayak UK

Summer is coming with blazing sun and warmer temperatures! This should be an ideal time for a slow water meander or a wonderful multi-day trek in the best inflatable kayak!

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned kayaker, a high-quality kayak will surely become your perfect companion this exciting summer.

However, there are various factors to consider to pick up the right one, including a budget, material, design and components. With the wide range of kayaks on the market, it is always an uphill struggle to choose the right product, especially beginners.

So keep following our best inflatable kayak reviews UK to solve your shopping puzzle.

What Is Inflatable Kayak?

The feeling of controlling the paddle and gliding through the glassy water seems irresistible, so let’s dig more into the inflatable kayak and see its pros and cons.

Inflatable kayaks are a great alternative to hard shell crafts with various features and benefits. They come with a superb stable platform without a deck to allow for spacious legroom.

Moreover, there should be no more comfortable experience than having your kayaks packed nicely in the storage case instead of renting a hardshell one.

Inflatable kayaks are available in various sizes, ranging from solo, two to up to five seats. There are three main types of kayaks you can easily come across on the market: single-layer vinyl, multi-layer and heavy-duty inflatable kayaks.

The first type is perfect to use in a sheltered water environment for light recreational activities, while the second one offers great protection from abrasion and UV light.

PVC, rubber and drop stitch technology are used to make heavy-duty inflatable kayaks to allow for venturing beyond sheltered water environments.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Kayak?

Picking a suitable inflatable kayak is not always easy as pie, especially for beginners. You need to consider a wide range of factors, including budgets, type, design and material at once to precisely compare different products.

But don’t worry, here are some shopping tips:

Types Of Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks come in various versatile models to perfectly suit different water conditions and trip lengths.

The first type is recreational kayaks, which are usually under 12 feet in length. Those products are a great idea for entry-level paddlers, thanks to their great stability and smooth paddling.

Lakes, slow-moving rivers, and bays are just a few locations that you can make a recreational trip with class I and II rapids.

If you are a crazy fan of adventurous trips through sharp hooks or heavy winds, inflatable fishing kayaks are surely the best choice. Ease of transportation, simple storage and ultra-durable materials are all you need for venturing.

Besides, most fishing boats come with slip-resistant floors, enabling users to stand firmly to cast and reel. High-back seats are another attraction that not many inflatable kayaks offer.

Those features make it comfortable to sit and integrate other added features like fishing rod holders, safety rods, tracking fins, bottle holders and sonar brackets.

On the other hand, white-water inflatable kayaks are usually shorter and offer limited weight capacity, thus not ideal for a large group of paddlers.

One of the most noticeable features of this type is self-bailing. Gliding through the water, this type of inflatable kayak tends to have shut floor drains to keep the interior dry.

Solo or one-person inflatable kayaks are a common type, holding one paddler at once. Those products are designed for a variety of purposes, like recreation, white-water and fishing.

For couple trips, tandem or two-person inflatable kayaks are the ideal options. There are numerous customisable seating arrangements so that you can opt for one or two-person configurations.

If you plan a long-haul trip and have to bring some necessary items like food or drink, convertible tandem kayaks are here to offer more space and greater carrying capacity.

Storage And Portability

What makes inflatable kayaks more outstanding than hardshell types are simple storage and easy transportation. Interestingly, as the name suggests, inflatable kayaks can be deflated to perfectly fit into a backpack and inflated to restore their original shape.

However, it is worth noticing that some products are constructed with heavy-duty materials, making them less compact. Therefore, you should balance between the construction material’s quality and ease of storage.


Most inflatable kayaks are made from three common materials, namely Hypalon, PVC and Nitrilon. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber, constructing high-end products thanks to its high durability, great resistance to extreme weather, intense UV rays and chemicals.

PVC material comes from vinyl polymer plastic and has been a common material in manufacturing due to its cheap price and cost-effective option. Though it cannot compare with the former in terms of durability, this one offers limited budgets with the best choice and trekking experiences.

Nitrilon inflatable kayaks are a new genre of product on the market. This material immediately attracts users’ attention with its eco-friendly construction and puncturing resistance. Working well in cold environments, products made of Nitrilon should be on your should-have list on every outdoor adventure.


Weight is another important specification you should not ignore, especially for hiking. Hiking and trekking require you to carry the vessel around for hours, so taking a heavy kayak package can be wearisome. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to purchase a lightweight kayak if you go on a hike.

Inflatable Kayak Accessories

A memorable kayaking experience requires specific accessories, including paddles, repair kits, PFD and air pumps. Each model comes with a different set of accessories, so purchase one with all the components suited to your demands.


Seating should receive the most attention and consideration when purchasing the best inflatable kayak UK, as it directly influences your experience. A comfortable and firm seat is the overall factor, enabling you to glide and control the paddle easily without slipping or accidental falling.

The configuration of the seat is also worth your attention which runs along the kayak’s length. Different models of inflatable kayaks show specific seat arrangements. For example, most white-water products are available for one kayaker, while touring ones can accommodate three passengers at a time.

Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews UK 2024

Concerning the criteria of the best inflatable kayak UK mentioned above, here are ten top picks worth your investment. Those models are categorised into three sections: Kayaks for one person, two people, and three people.

Best Single Inflatable Kayak UK

1 – Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak – Best Overall

Intex Challenger K1read more

  • Product dimensions: 27.4 x 76 x 33 cm
  • Item weight: 13 kilograms
  • Material: PVC
  • Included components: kayak, oars, air pump

No matter how professional you are in paddling, you should never miss out on Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak, the best single inflatable kayak UK on the market. At first sight, the product immediately attracts users’ attention thanks to its multi-colour design and strong construction.

This desirable structure is due to the high molecular PVC, which is quality and durable enough to withstand any damage from abrasion, sunlight or impact from extreme weather. Gasoline, saltwater or oil are also no big problem to this kayak.

Moreover, the material allows more air pressure to get rigid and ready for both river and sea journeys.

The K1 also comes with long aluminium oars and a high-output hand pump. Those features are lightweight enough to paddle without causing hand fatigue and durable to resist the elements.

Being a solo inflatable kayak, the product shows a low-profile deck, I-beam floor with high-buoyancy side chambers to allow for great stability, comfort and control. Your journey will not be easily adversely affected by strong wind or heavy waves.

Besides a removable skeg, an adjustable seat with a backrest, this one is also lightweight and compact enough to fit any backpack. It is also straightforward to assemble, deflate and inflate in minutes, thanks to the Boston valve.

Concerning those outstanding features, there should be no complaints about its quality and performance.


  • Sporty and highly visible graphics
  • Low profile to suit lakes and mild rivers
  • Premium-quality construction and components
  • Streamlined and compact design for easy paddling
  • Comfortable and spacious cockpit
  • Adjustable seat with backseat


  • N/A

2 – Bestway BW65155 Hydro-Force Champion Kayak – Best For Quality Design

Bestway BW65155 Hydro-Force Champion Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 20.1 x 15 x 51 cm
  • Item weight: 8.6 kilograms
  • Material: PVC
  • Included components: one boat, one paddle, one hand pump, one repair patch, removable fin

It’s irresistible to take your summer vacations to the next level with Bestway BW65155 Hydro-Force Champion Kayak to drift along the lake and glide smoothly through the glassy water!

The product offers everything a paddler needs for a great day on the water: a patch, a pump, a paddle and overall, a durable and strong construction!

Made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl material, the product is well designed to be highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and ensures increased safety on the water. The package includes two paddles and a double-sized aluminium oar so that users can easily control the kayak.

An inflated seat is another attraction of this product, which comes with a comfortable cockpit and backrest. Thanks to those thoughtfully constructed features, you are likely to adjust your seat level to your preference and chill on the boat for hours without fear of back pain.

Quick-release valves and form-fitted construction are also handy to prevent water from entering the boat and eliminate the risk of the boat sinking. With a weight limit of up to 100 kilograms, this kayak should be one of the top choices for solo paddlers!

However, this product is not designed for small children without adult supervision, as the streamlined construction is not easy to control at first. Therefore, don’t let your kids alone in the boat to avoid unwanted accidents.


  • Best suited for one adult
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate
  • Inflated design and inflatable cushions


  • Not designed for children

Best Two-Person Inflatable Kayak UK

1 – Intex Explorer K2 Two-Person Inflatable Kayak – Best For Easy Assembly

Intex Explorer K2read more

  • Product dimensions: 313.94 x 91.44 x 54.86 cm
  • Item weight: 16.19 kilograms
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Included components: inflatable kayak, paddle, air pump

How frustrating it is to struggle to assemble and inflate your kayak before getting into the water, especially with a large-size one!

With Intex Explorer K2 Two-Person Inflatable Kayak, the best two-person inflatable kayak UK, don’t be surprised to find how straightforward and instant this step is!

All components are well packaged in a convenient and waterproof bag for easy transportation and storage. So all you need to do is inflate the kayak in less than ten minutes!

A printed measuring scale is provided to enable users to determine the proper amount of air pressure in each chamber with a measuring strip or ruler. Too high a level of air pressure can adversely damage the chambers, while a low one will reduce the kayak’s comfortability.

Two seats are more cumbersome to inflate due to the Velcro straps, but those straps effectively allow users to adjust the position individually to avoid slippery surfaces. They can also receive more legroom and space for gear, thanks to those features.

The product is best suited for couples travelling and beginners, as this best inflatable kayak for beginners UK comes with spraydecks manufactured to better look at the view. However, those decks don’t allow for white-water purposes.

On the flip side, while the seats are perfect for chilling on the water, they are not designed to provide enough support for long and sportive tours. Without adjustable cushions, long hours on the boat may lead you to back and hip fatigue.


  • Easy to assemble and dismantle within ten minutes
  • Add-on measuring scale for accurate assembly
  • Complete accessories included
  • Practical carry handles
  • Appealing and outstanding design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Suitable for fun journeys, not for long and sportive ones.

2 – Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Best For Budget Friendliness

Intex Explorer K2 Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 313.94 x 91.44 x 54.86 cm
  • Item weight: 16.19 kilograms
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Included components: kayak, carry bag, repair patch, Hi-output hand pump, aluminium oars

If you are on a tight budget yet still show a passion for kayaking, Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is surely your best companion. This two-person boat comes at such a low price yet offers everything you expect of the best inflatable kayak.

The best budget inflatable kayak UK leaves a profound impression on any user with its outstanding yellow boat and sporty graphics, making it visible in the water from a distance. This lightweight and compact construction also takes only a snap to assemble and enables users to enjoy kayaking fun wherever they go.

Rugged vinyl material is so sturdy and durable with an I-beam floor to ensure rigidity and eliminate the chance of slipping. A removable skeg and two adjustable seats with backrests are also desirable to allow for directional stability and comfort.

What is discouraging about this product is its packaging bag. It is so thin and flimsy that you will need to be careful not to tear the zip from the fabric. However, this issue is understandable considering the competitie price.


  • Low price
  • Comfortable and roomy legroom
  • Removable skeg for directional control
  • Sporty and outstanding graphics
  • Streamlined design to paddle easily


  • Thin and vulnerable bag

3 – Intex Unisex’s Excursion Pro K2 Inflatable Kayak – Best For Fishing Purposes

Intex Unisex's Excursion Pro K2read more

  • Product dimensions: 383.54 x 93.98 x 45.72 cm
  • Item weight: 19.79 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Included components: two long skegs, two seats

Flow on the tranquil glassy water and spend time chilling and fishing with Intex Unisex’s Excursion Pro K2 Inflatable Kayak right now! This suggestion is the best boat for fishing on the market!

The durable and logically designed construction makes it comfortable and highly suitable for fishing. Super tough laminate PVC material with a polyester core ensures lightweight and great resistance to damage, abrasion, weather conditions and impact.

Extra rigidity and stability are further implemented by high-pressure inflation with spring-loaded valves. Those components allow for easy and quick inflation and deflation.

The product also comes with two removable skews best suited to shallow and deep water, two floor-mounted footrests for comfort and two adjustable bucket seats. There is no need to hold the rod for hours when going fishing as the product is designed with two recessed fishing rod holders.

Any other fishing accessory is in the package, including GPS systems, swivel holders, fish finders, a carry bag and a repair patch. With this complete set of accessories, it’s time to get ready and catch some big fish!

One problem is that the inflated fins cannot fit the kayak, so it would be best to assemble them before inflating.


  • Outstanding red design
  • Fishing-oriented features
  • Three-ply material resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Spring-loaded valves for fast inflation and deflation
  • I-beam floor for rigidity
  • Adjustable footrests


  • Components cannot be assembled after inflation.

4 – Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak – Best For Speed

Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 32.1 x 88 x 44 cm
  • Item weight: 8.33 kilograms
  • Material: pre-tested vinyl
  • Included components: one boat, two oars and repair patch

For those crazy about speedy surfing and paddling, let’s opt for Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid X2 Kayak, one of the fastest products you can ever find!

The incredible speed this product can offer is due to the quality design with removable fins. Those fins effectively increase directional stability and control so that you can lead a speedy journey.

Lightweight and rigid construction promises to give users a light feel and a smooth ride on the glassy water. There is a pair of 2.18-metre oars, easy to control, even for small children. Though the product is designed for two people, you can remove the inflatable seats to convert them into a one-passenger boat.

The quality construction is form-fitted to prevent water from entering the cockpit, so you will not feel uncomfortable or catch the boat sinking. Carrying this kayak is no big problem, thanks to carrying handles, built-in grommets and a long grab rope for ease of transportation.

Despite those desirable features, the kayak shows a big drawback for users, especially short paddlers. The seat cushions are so flat that you will likely sit too deep and find it struggling to paddle properly.


  • Removable fins for impressive speed
  • High-quality pre-tested vinyl
  • Integrated drain valves
  • Form-fitted construction
  • Grab ropes with built-in grommets


  • Too flat seat cushions

5 – Sevylor Madison Two-Person Inflatable Kayak Kit – Best For Versatility

Sevylor Madison Two-Person Inflatable Kayak Kitread more

  • Product dimensions: 28 x 76 x 50 cm
  • Item weight: 20.16 kilograms
  • Material: PVC
  • Included components: kayak, two paddles, one carry bag

Some boats are designed for racing, performance, river running and whiteboard, while others are suitable for pure fun. If you are looking for one that can do all those long lists of activities, you should not miss out on Sevylor Madison Two-Person Inflatable Kayak.

Coming at a relatively reasonable price, the product offers the top performance that you can imagine. Don’t be surprised by the fun and easy setup with an effective foot pump.

All you need to do is attach the fins and inflate the kayak from the floor to the walls. This step may only consume five minutes! The pressure gauge will accurately notify you when to stop, so no need to worry about chambers’ explosions.

The convenient paddling kit is also included to let you make necessary adjustments and repairs. With this product, you can go on any adventurous journey without being afraid of accidents.

Compared to other products of the same brand, this one is quite cumbersome to lift after inflation. Therefore, it would be best to inflate and deflate it near your destination.


  • Incredibly quick to inflate
  • Versatile to suit different watersports
  • Light paddles for kid use
  • Large sports bag included


  • Heavy and cumbersome to lift

Best Three-person Inflatable Kayak UK

1 – Sevylor Adventure Plus Inflatable Kayak – Best Three-Person Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Adventure Plus Inflatable Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 37.3 x 90 x 60 cm
  • Item weight: 14.5 kilograms
  • Material: PVC and polyester
  • Included components: kayak, manometer, carry bag, fin, boat repair set

If your family is planning on a water trip this summer, you cannot go wrong with Sevylor Adventure Plus , the best three-person inflatable kayak UK in the market. This spacious and comfortable boat shows a weight limit of up to 200 kilograms, suitable for a small family!

At first sight, the kayak shows a classic green design to perfectly blend in with the surroundings while eliminating any chance of visible dirt sticking.

Moreover, the high side walls offer great comfort and protection, further enhanced by multiple chamber layers. Durable polyester and PVC covers will surely make the kayak glide smoothly with high safety and rigidity.

The figuration of three inflatable seats is another beauty of this product. All the seats are adjustable and removable so that users can effortlessly convert this boat from a three-person to a two-person one for a couple’s trip.

Like other Sevylor Husdon inflatable kayaks, this one can also be folded down to a large backpack so you can take it anywhere easily. The durable nylon carry bag is useful to fit this product and other necessary items.

The only complaint about this product is its seat arrangement, which is not roomy enough for comfortable legroom.


  • Green classic design
  • High sidewalls
  • Adjustable and removable seats
  • Backpack design
  • Large enough for three people


  • Little legroom

2 – Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak – Best High-End Product

Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 78.4 x 49 x 26.4 cm
  • Item weight: 17.7 kilograms
  • Material: PVC and Polyester
  • Included components: kayak, paddles, carrying bag, manometer, repair set and removable fin

If you are on an extravagant budget and want to choose a premium inflatable kayak to make an unprecedentedly superb trip with your beloved, Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak is surely a brilliant idea!

There should be nothing to complain about this excellent product, from design to function and ease of transportation.

You will likely be immediately hooked to the luxurious and stylish design of this kayak. The combination of black and blue makes it outstanding and gets along with the ocean!

Compared to other three-person boats, this one allows for more legroom and comfort thanks to the large size and curved seats.

The Hudson inflatable kayak is also designed with multiple independent chambers. Specifically, the larger outer chambers add to the overall rigidity, stability and control over the boat, while the I-beam floor ones come with a Tarpaulin base to ensure durability.

This sturdy and durable cover can withstand any chemical, saltwater and extreme weather and resist the hard rocks and edges. Therefore, gliding smoothly to any destination is no big concern with this product.

Comfort is always of utmost importance when it comes to trekking and paddling. The Sevylor kayak is manufactured with this criterion at heart, thus offering users polyester-covered seats with adjustable straps and back support.

Overall, unluckily, all those wonderful features come at such a price that not all users can afford.


  • Multiple layers of the chamber for increased stability and protection
  • Comfortable polyester covered inflatable seats
  • Easy to inflate
  • Comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation
  • Impressive and luxurious design


  • Expensive

3 – Sevylor Tahiti Plus Kayak – Best For High Stability And Safety

Sevylor Tahiti Plus Kayakread more

  • Product dimensions: 61 x 40.6 x 22.9 cm
  • Item weight: 11.7 kilograms
  • Material: PVC
  • Included components: kayak, two paddles

Sevylor Tahiti Plus Kayak is another great option for a three-person family kayaking trip, ensuring great stability and safety for even small children.

The product is constructed by durable PVC hulls to perfectly withstand the elements, chemicals and other risks like rough rock edges.

What makes this best inflatable canoe UK impressively stable and controllable is its independent I-beam chambers. Those features are not likely to deflate quickly and effectively add more rigidity to the base to stabilise, control the overall kayak.

When inflating the kayak, you also acknowledge the usefulness of an integrated Sevytest pressure gauge, making it clearer and more accurate to ensure the chambers reach the proper air level.

This air amount cannot easily escape or make the chamber soft quickly, thanks to the useful inflation valves. You need to unscrew those two-way Boston valves and insert the pump to fully inflate, then let a return cap prevent air leakage.

More importantly, this product is one of the best options for family treks, as the backpack system enables users to roll this giant piece into a compact and lightweight backpack. Don’t have to experience the hassle of a tight carrying bag with this kayak.

Nevertheless, it should have come with an air pump for easy inflation with this giant kayak, so you need to prepare an electric pump to inflate it quickly.


  • Heavy-duty PVC material for extra safety
  • Sturdy side chambers
  • Offers stability and control
  • Integrated Sevytest pressure gauge
  • Two-way Boston valves
  • Backpack design


  • Doesn’t have an air pump

Without a shade of doubt, a glance at these best inflatable kayak reviews UK reveals that Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak is an ideal option you should not ignore.

The best inflatable kayak UK should offer you the most relatable experience to a rigid kayak, showing added portability and simple storage benefits.

On the other hand, Intex Explorer K2 Two-Person Inflatable Kayak is the best choice for two people while Sevylor Adventure Plus Inflatable Kayak is brilliant for three.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubt about inflatable kayaks? Here are some frequently asked questions you should know to chase that puzzle away!

1. What Is The Best Inflatable Kayak UK?

You must have once been overwhelmed by the wide range of inflatable kayak brands on the market, which offer varied quality, budget and unique features.

Concerning the criteria of the best inflatable kayaks and customer reviews, Intex, Sevylor and Bestway are just a few to name. Those three brands seem to supersede others thanks to their premium quality products and long-lasting reputation for great durability and easy storage.

Intex Recreation Corp is the most commonly seen brand with other inflatable products, namely boats, toys, pools, beds and kayaks. This brand offers up to three-level models, from newcomers to professional paddlers, when it comes to kayaks. Most products come in solo and two tandem models, best suited for couple trekking.

On the other hand, the Sevylor brand has been famous for a long time and offers various selling points worldwide. One of the best attractions of this brand is its affordable products. Despite cheap prices compared to other brands, those inflatable kayaks are impressively high quality with lightweight, easy transportation and varied models.

The final Bestway brand wins users’ hearts thanks to its outstanding construction. All inflatable kayaks are made of light materials, allowing for comfort and easy carrying. Although there is not much space left when all the seats are occupied, the kayak can still accommodate some small bags.

2. What Are Frequent Problems With Inflatable Kayaks And Their Solutions?

Despite the comfort, lightweight and overall features, inflatable kayaks still show some problems most users have to experience. The first issue involves the material. Unlike hardshell crafts made from strong materials, inflatable kayaks usually show lighter and weaker materials like rubber or PVC.

Those materials offer you comfort and easy paddling, but they are prone to harsh weather and tearing. Therefore, it is vital to check your kayaks’ materials and follow experts’ guides to use them in suitable environments.

Besides, some users reported paddling difficulty and found it hard to glide through the water smoothly. This problem is due to the lightweight construction and lack of tracking. Without enough proper control, the wind can easily blow the kayaks and make them disoriented.

Air leakage is another cause of this problem, occurring in most cheap inflatable kayaks. If the air inside your kayak leaks, it is likely to cause sagging and make it challenging and heavy to paddle. Therefore, don’t forget to check the valves and replace them if needed.

3. What Is Advice From Experts And Users?

While inflatable kayaks are durable and easy to store, they still require some maintenance and cleaning to ensure long-term use. After a long journey, the kayak should be covered with dirt and dust, so you need to wash and clean it carefully before deflating.

It would be best to wash it with warm, clean water, mild natural soap and a soft cloth to avoid unwanted tearing. Moreover, please don’t rush to store it in the package without cleaning and letting it dry completely!

While some products are resistant to the element, you should not let it directly exposed to the sunlight to avoid discolouring. When folding the kayak, we highly advise you to fold it up loosely and gently to eliminate unnecessary weak points.

To Sum Up

Long story short, there would be no more tempting experience than kayaking in this summer vacation! It’s time to purchase the best inflatable kayak UK and get ready for the trip! Picking the right option is no longer a challenging task after you have flicked through our inflatable kayak reviews UK!

We bet that you have grown out of staying at home during the lockdown period and are now ready to be re-social! Let’s choose a lightweight kayak and glide smoothly through the water to explore new destinations.

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