How To Use A Foot Spa Machine? Proper Manual For You

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How To Use A Foot Spa Machine

How To Use A Foot Spa Machine

One of the most relaxing and therapeutic ways to feel better is using a foot spa machine. Foot messenger is great for people with dry, cracked feet or calluses and those who suffer from sore muscles in their feet.

Not only will you feel amazing after your session, but you can also relax while watching TV or reading a book! If you love to own one, let us first show you how to use a foot spa machine properly. Read on to learn in detail!

How To Use A Foot Spa Machine?

There are many types of Foot Spa Massager Machines

There are many types of Foot Spa Massager Machines.

Normally, you could simply use the machine by turning it on, adding water, and letting your feet soak based on a specific spa. To achieve optimal results and good excellence via this machine, follow us!

Step 1: Wash Your Feet

Before entering the spa, thoroughly clean your feet.

Step 2: Do The Spa

Turn on the spa machine, and soak your feet in the water solution. Do the massage for around 20 minutes for children, 45 minutes for males, and 30 minutes for women. You can, however, simply soak for 15-20 minutes and then turn off the machine. Adding some essential oils to the soaking water for a therapeutic foot bath is also a good idea!

Before using those substances, make sure the foot bath you’re using can handle them. Please be mindful that foaming or sudsy products are unsuitable at large!

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your feet after a bath will help get rid of dead skin cells and give you smooth and healthy-looking feet. To do this, use either a foot file or stone to gently rub away any rough patches of skin on your heels and toes.

Step 4: Wash Your Feet Again

Wash your feet twice in clear water!

Step 6: Dry Your Feet 

To finish the process, pat your feet dry and apply lotion.

Tips How To Use A Foot A Spa Machine

Now, this section is the core content of this whole blog! Using a foot spa machine is easy, but you must grab some smart tricks to make the most out of this gadget!

  • Having a foot bath on colder days will help you stay warmer throughout the day. It also brings a soft sensation of relaxation and generally regulates your body temperature.
  • If you’re planning a pampering session after your peaceful heated foot spa soak (pedicure, moisturising, callus removal, etc. ), make sure you have everything you’ll need nearby, like tools, towels, nail polish, filers, and so on. Nothing is more irritating than settling down and realising that something is lacking in the middle of the me-time!
  • Use calming oils and salts when the model allows it: the delicate scent will be dispersed all over the space and contact your olfactory sensibilities.
  • Keep in mind that your feet are delicate and should be treated with care! Always check the water temperature before putting your feet in it as a precaution. The water temperature should be around lukewarm during your soak, as your skin can be harmed by excessive heat.

Who Should Use A Foot Spa Machine?

Enjoy relaxing time at home with a foot spa machine

Enjoy relaxing time at home with a foot spa machine

Although the foot spa machine is a great way to relax and even ease pain, you shouldn’t use it if you are:

  • Under the age of 10 and are not supervised by an adult.
  • You’re nursing a baby or expecting a child.
  • If you have any blood circulation problems or diabetes.

When You Should Use A Foot Spa Machine?

If your feet are tired and need some pampering, consider utilising this machine once or twice a week. It is also possible to use it every day to relax as well!

Most experts recommend using it once a day, yet if you feel like your feet need extra care, then go ahead and do so as much as needed until satisfied with the treatment results!

Foot spa machine

Foot spa machine.

However, this machine shouldn’t be used when you have one of these issues:

  • Have skin eruptions or inflamed or swollen areas.
  • Use a pacemaker simultaneously.
  • While you eat and drink: To avoid over-activation of the digestive organs.
  • Have a pacemaker or any electronic implement.
  • Have had an organ transplant.
  • Have epilepsy.
  • Have open wounds on feet.
  • Undergo any form of chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Have a hemophiliac or take blood thinners: stop using it and consult your doctor whenever you feel discomfort while using this machine!

*Note: A foot spa device is a non-professional machine. It’s just for personal use for a soothing massage to worn muscles. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be used as an alternative to medical attention.


After reading this article, you probably understand how to use a foot spa machine better. The machine will bring you several benefits such as stress, tension, pain, and ache relief with some simple and quick additional steps we’ve mentioned above. Please also note some advice on the usage frequency and the right time to use the machine!

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