10 Best Foot Spa Reviews UK 2024 – A Complete Foot Spa Buying Guide

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Best Foot Spa UK

These days, we live in a world of efficiency and overtime, stressing our feet every single day without the time for spa visits. To ease the pain, you will need the best foot spa to give you the same service as a professional massager in your own home.

However, there are so many available options on the market, just looking at the number can get you dizzy. That is why we narrow the choices down to 10 and put together these foot spa reviews UK for you.

What Is A Foot Spa?

At first glance, a foot spa looks no different from a mop bucket, but it has some control buttons. Its main job is to make use of heated water as well as massage jets to relax your feet, eliminate muscle soreness and reduce pain points.

Foot spas have proven to be an effective and relaxing method of foot catering. They are also good for your own health. For example, people with arthritis or oedema will no longer suffer as long as they use a foot spa twice a day.

The final advantage of a foot spa is the fact that they are much more affordable than the weekly massage packages.

How To Choose The Best Foot Spa?

Choosing the correct foot spa for your own situation is never an easy task. To make it more manageable, we have put together the most vital boxes that a foot spa needs to check.


Of course, you should not pick something capable of bringing the water up to boiling level. You will still, however, need the foot spa to get to a comfortable temperature. It must also be able to stay that way through the entire spa session.

This feature is especially important for those with arthritis. After all, a correct temperature is vital for your feet’s blood circulation as well as muscle relaxation. Anyone who has had the misfortune of wearing heels throughout the day will appreciate this blessing.

You can also heat your water separately, waiting patiently for it to achieve the perfect temperature. The downside is clearly that the water will not be able to keep this temperature for too long.

That is why we place the heating element first, as it can make or break a deal.


Most people overlook this aspect, but we can say with confidence that it is actually one of the game changers. Once you dip your feet into a foot spa one sizing too small, you will immediately notice the awkwardness. There is just no way for you to properly soak, clean or even fit your foot.

Just fitting is not enough, as you are clearly looking to relax with the best foot bath massager UK. For this reason, we recommend only looking at foot spas with tanks at least 1 size bigger than your feet. The more space, the easier it is for the feet to relax, after all.

Don’t forget about the depth, though. This aspect is a little bit trickier, as each person has their own preference. Some may like to soak their whole leg, while some will stop right at the ankle.

Our recommendation is to never go too deep, as the electricity bill can go off the charts. At that point, it’s just better to go to a bathhouse.

Massaging Jets And Rollers

After heating capability, this feature is the next most imperative aspect for the best heated foot spa UK. The main purpose of a foot spa is undoubtedly to massage your feet. As such, it’s crucial that its message can be as relaxing as possible.

A good foot spa should have either a massaging jet or roller. However, the best home foot spa must have these devices working with each other. That is, we suggest only looking at options offering both of these devices instead of only one.

The placement of the massagers inside the foot spa is also worth noting. We believe the best placement style is setting rollers on the tank’s base, ensuring maximum contact with the feet. It’s even better if there are some jets on the sides of the tank.

Remember that it’s not always better to have more jets and rollers, or they can take up a lot of the tank’s space, leaving less area for your feet. Knowing the balance is the trick of the trade in this aspect.


It goes without saying that a foot spa will cause some noise while working, but some can make the most disturbing grating sound. This type of noise is especially distracting if you are trying to relax.

The easiest way to combat this issue is, of course, to wear a pair of earphones or headphones. However, some noise can penetrate the headphones’ protection.

Some of the newer foot spa models on the market now come with  noise reduction tech. There is simply no way to completely eliminate the sound, so the best you can do is look for this add-on and wear headphones with some music on.

Best Foot Spa Reviews UK 2024

Below are the 10 best options for the best foot spa UK position, in our opinion.

1. REVLON Pediprep Pedicure And Foot Spa Set – Best For Feet Relaxation

REVLON Pediprep Pedicure And Foot Spa Setread more

Key Features

  • Brand: Revlon
  • Colour: Mix
  • Material: Stone
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: No

Every single aspect of the REVLON Pediprep Pedicure And Foot Spa Set is built to work together. Each part is inferior to what the other options on this list provide. However, when they combine together, your feet will be able to enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience.

The REVLON Pediprep Pedicure And Foot Spa Set’s parts work together nicely.

To be more specific, the accunode massage pad works in association with the mechanical massage rollers. The former gives your whole feet a relaxing massage without having to move, while the latter affects specific acupuncture points. As a result, every single muscle will relax.

Of all the options on this list, this foot spa is the only one with an accunode basin. As such, you will immediately feel even more comfortable after the pad and rollers combo ease your feet.

The biggest weakness of this foot spa is its limited heating capability. You will need to rely on hot water instead of being capable of changing the temperature.


  • Incredibly comfortable basin
  • Waterproof controls
  • Lots of attachments
  • Splash guard protecting your carpet


  • Limited heating capability

2. Sensio All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager – Best Quiet Operation

Sensio All In One Foot Spa Bath Massagerread more

Key Features

  • Brand: Sensio
  • Colour: Mix
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: No

The Sensio All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager is unarguably the single quietest foot spa on this list, allowing users to enjoy and relax more during its operation.

The Sensio All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager operates quietly.

The main reason for this foot spa’s quiet operation lies in its vibration-based massage style. While vibration still makes some noise, they are much quieter than things like motorized rollers. You only need to wear a pair of headphones, and there will be practically no noise.

The luxury pedicure kit is also quite impressive. Your feet will be pampered the same way professionals do at real spas. You get all the essential attachments like nail brush, nail file, scissor, cleaning brush, tweezers, toe separators, etc. There is also a built-in storage compartment for them.

We are, however, not that satisfied with the plastic material. It makes the whole thing surprisingly weak.


  • Silicone massage head
  • Quiet operation
  • Luxury pedicure kit
  • Infrared heat lamp
  • Vibration massage


  • Flimsy material

3. HoMedics Bubblemate Soothing Soak Foot Spa – Best Bubbles

HoMedics Bubblemate Soothing Soak Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: HoMedics
  • Material: Stone
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Temperature Control: No adjustment, only maintain the temperature

The HoMedics Bubblemate Soothing Soak Foot Spa treats you to the most authentic foot spa experience with its bubbles. It is not at all an overestimation to call its invigorating bubble strips on the sides the best on this list.

The HoMedics Bubblemate Soothing Soak Foot Spa offers an invigorating bubble bath.

Overworked feet are special in that they do not respond well to massage rollers. That is why this foot spa doesn’t use them and focuses on bubbles. The strips are specifically designed to create a lot more bubbles than normal models. With this many bubbles, your feet’s circulation is improved significantly.

Once you feel that your feet are no longer tired, you can make use of the massage nodes hidden at the bottom. These nodes do not hit as hard as rollers or jets, so your overworked feet do not react as hard.

The biggest issue we have against this foot spa is the max fill line. It is quite hard to see, especially after you fill water in.


  • Turbo bubble strips for even more bubbles
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Removable pumice stone


  • “Invisible” max fill line

4. Beurer FB50 Magnetic Therapy Foot Spa – Best For Oils And Salts 

Beurer FB50 Magnetic Therapy Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Beurer
  • Colour: White/Gray
  • Material: Rubber
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Temperature Control: Up to 48°C

Most foot spas are not compatible with oils or salts due to the limitation of their material. That is not the case with the Beurer FB50 Magnetic Therapy Foot Spa and its rubber components. You can freely add in any type of oils or salts you want without worrying about them breaking the machine.

The Beurer FB50 Magnetic Therapy Foot Spa is very compatible with oils and salts.

There is a secret compartment within this machine where you can put in the oils or salts for a slow release. For this reason, salts that disappear quickly like Epsom salt can still have effects throughout the duration of your relaxation process.

Not counting the Misiki 4-in-1, this foot spa is the most versatile we have seen. From magnetic therapy to infrared light, pedicure to bubbles, you get almost everything with it.

We are not that impressed with the noise it creates while working, though. Even headphones cannot mitigate these sounds.


  • Compatible with all oils and salts
  • Noduled footbed
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Relatively durable material
  • Pedicure attachment


  • Noisy while working

5. Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa – Best Magnetic Therapy

Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Beurer
  • Colour: White/Purple
  • Material: Rubber
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Temperature Control: No

It’s not that much of an overstatement to call the Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa the most special case. It does not rely as much on rollers or jets but the infamous magnetic therapy to operate. That is why you won’t feel any pain at all while using it.

The Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa uses magnetic therapy.

It has a total of 16 magnets embedded, 8 on each side of the tub’s bottom. They are specifically placed in places where your feet’s acupuncture points would be. These magnets work on a much gentler principle than rollers, so you will have an easier time relaxing and enjoying the spa session.

This best foot bath massager UK also makes use of the new reflex zone massage tech. By strategically placing the removable reflexology rollers, the massage it offers is much more intense than usual.

We do want to note that this foot spa does have a glaring weakness. It does not have any heating element. That is why you will need to pour in warm water regularly, negatively affecting your relaxation experience.


  • Ergonomic design with a handle and non-slip rubber
  • Bubble and vibration features
  • Aromatherapy filter


  • Lacking heating element

6. Hangsun FM660 Temperature Control Foot Spa – Best Temperature Control

Hangsun FM660 Temperature Control Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Hangsun
  • Colour: White/Orange
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: From 35°C to 48°C

As we mentioned above in the buying guide, there is no feature more important than temperature control. And the Hangsun FM660 Temperature Control Foot Spa is currently the best at it.

The Hangsun FM660 Temperature Control Foot Spa offers the best temperature control.

While the range of temperature is still the same, from 35°C to 48°C, it is divided into a total of 14 levels. As a result, you can get exactly the temperature that you want with ease. This is much better than other options, as the most they can offer is 5 or 7 levels.

The foot spa also has a medicine box, allowing you to put in some medicinal herbs. With the correct herbs, you can improve the efficiency of the massage by 10 folds. With its outstanding heating function and add-ons, this Hangsun model is undoubtedly the best foot spa for arthritis UK.

The guidance line is white, which is acceptable if the surrounding is any other colour. However, the surrounding is also painted in white, so it’s quite difficult to discern.


  • 14 levels of temperature control
  • 14 massage rollers
  • Anti-splash feature
  • Overheat protection


  • Hard-to-find guidance line

7. Hangsun FM180 Bubbles Foot Spa – Best Value

Hangsun FM180 Bubbles Foot Sparead more


  • Brand: Hangsun
  • Colour: White/Gray
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: No

The Hangsun FM180 Bubbles Foot Spa offers a great balance between good features and an affordable price in a product.

The Hangsun FM180 Bubbles Foot Spa offers the most value for its price.

Don’t underestimate this foot spa after seeing its incredibly budget-friendly price. It still has all the necessary functions and then some. To be more specific, there is vibration massage, infrared heat, bubble massage, magnetic therapy and the usual massage rollers.

If you are not a fan of cleaning after using a foot spa, this best home foot spa UK is perfect. Thanks to its anti-splash design, there is no way that any water can spill out, no matter how much you move around within the tank.

While it is indeed made from plastic, you should not look down on its durability. The reason for this notion lies in the fact that the material is ABS plastic, which is much stronger than you would think.

Nonetheless, it still has some issues due to the limitation of the material budget. The most obvious one is the massage rollers, which are much harder than those of the other competitors. You may experience some discomfort using these rollers.


  • Affordable price
  • Automatic thermostat
  • 3 operation modes


  • Hard massage rollers

8. Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa – Best All-Around

Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Misiki
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: From 35°C to 48°C

The Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa can only be described as the ultimate foot spa. It has one of the simplest designs yet still retains all of the most necessary and advanced features. From safety to temperature control, it has everything you need for a relaxing and efficient session.

The Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa is obviously the best overall choice.

We are especially impressed with the 4 removable massage rollers. Each of these rollers has a series of specifically placed dotted nodes, allowing deep kneads onto your feet. As a result, your acupressure points are stimulated even more. Their removable nature also lets you clean easier.

The next thing we want to talk about is the safety features, which most foot spas overlook. This best foot spa UK is the only one with an auto-shutoff feature, which stops the machine from working for more than 60 minutes. As such, even if you happen to fall asleep, you won’t get any damage.

The only complaint that we have against it is the fact that the foot rollers cannot operate automatically. You will need to spend some extra energy to move them.


  • Removable foot rollers
  • Infrared light therapy
  • Fast heating
  • Removable pumice stone
  • Bubble massage


  • Manual rollers

9. Misiki Acupressure Shiatsu Foot Spa – Best Shiatsu Style

Misiki Acupressure Shiatsu Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Misiki
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: From 35°C to 48°C

The Misiki Acupressure Shiatsu Foot Spa is the only one on this list capable of massaging your feet Shiatsu-style. This style focuses a lot more on pressure points and soft tissue manipulation. For this reason, your feet’s circulation will be stimulated a lot more.

The Misiki Acupressure Shiatsu Foot Spa uses the newly-developed Shiatsu style.

Further helping the circulation of your blood is the bubble bath and infrared light. These 3 features working together will relieve any stress you acquired after a hard day at work.

The machine also incorporates a simple feature that makes it incredibly easy to move around, the carry handle. This kind of convenience is surprisingly helpful, as the whole thing is much heavier than it looks.

Nonetheless, we hope that the bubble vibration can be stronger. At this level, it can only play a supporting role.


  • Convenient carry handle
  • Shiatsu style massage
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Weak bubble

10. Turejo Electric Foot Spa – Best Size

Turejo Electric Foot Sparead more

Key Features

  • Brand: Turejo
  • Colour: Light Beige
  • Material: Stone
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Temperature Control: From 35°C to 48°C

The biggest advantage that the Turejo Electric Foot Spa holds over the competitors on this list is its size. It is, by far, the biggest foot spa we have introduced. While other spas struggle with women’s feet size, this option can fit even men’s size 15 feet.

The Turejo Electric Foot Spa has the largest tank.

The placement of the 14 massage rollers at the base of this foot spa is also worthy of praise. They are scientifically scattered across the base, ensuring maximum area of connection with any type of feet. As a result, once they start rolling, all of your feet will be affected.

We also love the intimate and smart timer function, letting you relax without having to worry about turning off the foot spa. All you need to do is press a button, and it will automatically shut off when the time comes. Thus, you can just close your eyes and forget about everything.

The only complaint we have is the fact that there is no drain. You may need a while to get all the water out.


  • Incredible size
  • Protective layer on the screen
  • Temperature control capability
  • Strict quality control


  • No drain

All in all, we have introduced you to the currently 10 best foot spas UK. Each of these choices has its own strengths and weaknesses. We believe that there will always be at least one option capable of satisfying your needs.

In our opinion, there are 3 best options that can cover most needs. They are the Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa, the Hangsun FM180 Bubbles Foot Spa and the HoMedics Bubblemate Soothing Soak Foot Spa.

The Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa is the most well-rounded candidate. Due to its multifunctional nature, almost everyone can benefit from using it.


We have put together some of the most interesting questions regarding this topic. We hope that you can make use of them to find the best heated foot spa UK.

What Is The Best Foot Spa Brand UK?

At the moment, we believe the race for the best foot spa brand in the UK has only 2 contenders, Revlon and Sensio. Revlon is prized for including many essential accessories alongside the foot spa. On the other hand, Sensio offers the most comfort possible for you.

We believe that Revlon is the best for most people. Only if you happen to have specially uncomfortable feet will Sensio be better.

How Many Types Of Foot Spa Are There?

There are quite a lot of foot massage styles. However, only 2 of them were transformed into foot spas.

The first one is the Swedish foot spa; it involves deep, circular movements, kneading, tapping, long strokes and vibration. This type of foot spa is the best for patients who suffer joint injuries.

The second one is the Deep Tissue foot spa. This foot spa-style focuses on forceful strokes onto deep muscle layers as well as connective tissues. It is simply perfect for people with muscle damages and painful, stiff joints.

What Is The Best Foot Spa Using Frequency?

The food spa using frequency is dependent on your own pain level as well as the foot spa type. However, you should never exceed 3 times a day, no matter how familiar you are with foot spas.

It’s best for new users to use foot spas at most twice each week. After you have built your tolerance, you can increase the frequency slowly. Remember to never be impatient.

How Long Should I Keep My Feet In The Foot Spa?

The general answer is to keep your feet in the tank long enough that you start feeling relaxed. A range that most people agree on is a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you worry about being too relaxed that you forget about the time, you can look for options with preset settings. They can be timed to shut off automatically once the time comes.

Why Can’t I Use Foot Spas For Too Long?

The main reason is the fact that your feet are surprisingly delicate and sensitive. While using foot spas, the nerves in your feet get stimulated with high intensity, improving their blood circulation.

This stimulation is good in moderate doses. However, once you cross the threshold, there will be some permanent damages to the nerves. That is why you should not leave your feet in the tank for too long.

When Is A Foot Spa Not Good For You?

Yes, there are people not physically capable of enjoying a foot spa’s benefits. If you have conditions like diabetes, varicose veins, poor foot circulation, open cuts, sores, or infections, foot spas are not for you.

People having a pacemaker should also refrain from using any electrical foot spa.

Why Do I Feel Pain While Using The Foot Spa?

The most obvious reason is that you have never given your feet a proper massage before. As a result, all the 200,000 nerves ending in your foot will feel some weird sensations once they are stimulated for the first time.

Unfortunately, discomfort and pain are 2 of the easiest sensations to feel in this case. We recommend bracing through this awkward phase, as you will quickly feel relaxed and soothing.

Of course, there is also a chance that something worse is going on within your body. Quickly pay your family physician a visit and ask them to do some tests.

Should I Clean My Foot Spa After Use?

The CDCA (California Department of Consumer Affairs) warned that you should always pay special attention to cleaning your foot spa after each use. According to them, if you don’t clean the tank properly, a type of bacteria called Mycobacterium fortuitum will grow there.

This bacteria can cause skin boils, producing pus and leaving open wounds. That is why we recommend following the instructions your foot spa’s manufacturer sent to a tee.

How Should I Set My Foot Spa Up?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just place the foot spa on the floor and use it right away. You must first make sure that there is no soft mat or carpet so that your foot spa can be levelled throughout the process. Also, the foot spa should also be far from any heat source.


With this foot spa reviews UK, we have brought you a concise and thorough buying guide, some of the most informative questions and answers. Above all else, we have introduced to you 10 of the most suitable candidates for the best foot spa UK.

As long as you can follow our guide and read through the FAQ section, we believe that you will be able to choose the most suitable foot spa. If you are still unsure, you can always check the water out with the Misiki 4-in-1 Multifunction Foot Spa.

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