Best Treadmill Reviews UK 2024: Top 10 Rating & Buying Guide

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Best Treadmill UK

The thought of purchasing the best treadmill has certainly crossed many people’s minds, especially when they don’t want to give up doing exercise during a pandemic.

Working out outdoors is already not always feasible in normal times, so when gyms remain closed, investing in a treadmill becomes more and more attractive. Whether it’s in your spacious garage, spare room or living room, this home fitness machine keeps you fit without a costly gym membership.

But even if you’re in a rush, don’t make a purchase so hastily. Our treadmill reviews UK here will lay the groundwork, based on which you can make the most informed decision given your budget.

What Is A Treadmill?

Treadmills are a type of exercise machine that users can use to walk, run or even climb while staying in one place (usually a gym or their own home).

A typical treadmill for a home gym

A typical treadmill for a home gym

While they can’t replicate 100% the real-life trail or pavement, treadmills come in handy when you need a long-term solution for indoor workouts.

The changeable weather conditions always play a huge role in outdoor walking or running routines. But with indoor machines like treadmills, you will never miss a workout again just because it’s rainy or stormy outside.

How To Choose The Best Treadmill?

Shopping for a fitness machine like treadmills can be a slow, puzzling process if you have never looked at them closely. The huge array of models from different manufacturers at many price points doesn’t help either.

All the essentials below are a real asset that will make a big difference when choosing the best treadmill for you.

The Running Area

Never underestimate how important the size of the running deck is. If you’re below 182 cm (6 feet), get a belt that is at least 140 cm long. This length should be enough for both running and jogging, even though taller people may need a bigger machine to accommodate longer strides.

If you plan to mostly walk on your treadmill instead of taking running sessions, you can get away with a shorter model that consumes less space and is usually cheaper.

Incline And Speed

A great treadmill should be able to incline gradually from a nearly flat position to a steep angle. Its design allows the machine to mimic the experience of running on hilly terrain as well as makes it a better choice for interval training.

Running on an increased incline.

Running on an increased incline.

Some models can also decline, further extending the number of training terrains. They can offer a downhill grade of up to 6%. It’s usually not necessary, but this decline ability can add more variety to your workout programmes.

Mid-range and premium models usually come with a powerful motor that can reach up to 22km/h. This top speed impacts the workout a lot, pushing serious runners to achieve their fitness goals.


The more powerful the motor, the faster your treadmill can switch between inclines and speeds. It might sound irreverent, but if an appliance costs you plenty, it should not make you wait when going from zero to higher speeds.

Expensive treadmills should have at least a 3 HP motor, while a lower horsepower is common for lower-end treadmills.


The springiness of the deck varies between treadmills. Manufacturers usually use words like “cushioning” or “flexdeck” to describe bouncier decks. The middle point of the treadmill is where it bounces the most.

While many people prefer a softer surface to prevent injuries while walking or running, hardcore runners usually love a firmer deck. The main reason is it brings the experience closer to real-world running surfaces.

Test this cushioning before you go ahead with the purchase. Some high-end models even allow users to adjust the firmness of the deck.

Weight Capacity

Mid-range treadmills can support at least a weight of 135 kg. Greater weight capacities tend to come with a more expensive price tag. It’s very hard to find treadmills on the UK market that can accommodate weights over 180 kg.


Smart features like synchronised fitness tracking or interactive training are a rising trend.

They extend the capabilities of treadmills beyond just a piece of passive fitness equipment and allow users to have more control and information over their fitness and health.

A modern treadmill dashboard

A modern treadmill dashboard

Tech-savvy people will be thrilled to own a treadmill that can connect to their fitness apps and devices like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and Apple Health.

Even simple treadmills nowadays come with an LCD screen, displaying important information like speed, estimated calories burnt or distance.

Some brands even offer optional training services (like iFit from NordicTrack) at a separate subscription in addition to the price of the treadmill. From the screen of those treadmills, users can access a huge amount of workout programmes and even live coaching.

However, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many stay out of this trend and just prefer a no-frills treadmill with low-tech consoles. There is still a healthy market for them, where manufacturers focus more on sturdy frames, stronger motors and better customer services to lure users.


As our reviews have shown, treadmills exist in all market segments. Whatever your budget, you can also find a great machine to reach your fitness goals.

But keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. Cheaper treadmills may save you some money, but they have a more limited range of features and can’t match expensive models in terms of durability or top speeds and inclination varieties.

If you suffer from joint issues, for example, don’t be too mean with your money. Some more hundred pounds on a properly cushioned belt will reduce the impact and pressure on your joints and save you from the trouble in the long run.

Premium treadmills feature all the bells and whistles, such as on-demand classes or heart rate monitoring. If you’re not really in need of all of them, going for a mid-range model will be a great choice.

Best Treadmill UK 2024

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Best Treadmill Reviews UK 2024

Finding the best treadmills UK, even with the guide we have provided above, could be a bewildering process. Here are some of the best options on the UK market right now, divided into multiple price segments.

1 – Evolve B1 Motorized Electric Treadmill – Best Overall

Evolve B1read more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Maximum speed: 10 km/h
  • Motor: 1.5 HP
  • Running area: 100 x 35 cm
  • Inclines: 3 levels (manual)

The B1 treadmill is Evolve’s bread and butter when it comes to home fitness equipment. It’s going to appeal to a lot of people. With just a couple of pounds more compared to the cheapest models, you can access many more advanced features.

The first thing to know is that you can adjust the incline with the Evolve B1. Admittedly, it’s a non-motorised mechanism, but at least you can change between its three levels of inclinations.

Many safety features are equipped into this affordable machine as well.

The sturdy tubular steel frame makes sure it’s stable even when you’re running at the highest speed (10 km/h), while the rubber suspension system and non-slip 100×35 cm running belt provide a safe running experience right in your house.

Powered by a 1.5 HP motor and a LED screen, the Evolve B1 allows users to switch between twelve inbuilt programmes directly on the control board.

You can check out your progress at a glance with this clear screen, including hand pulse reading, calories burnt, speed, distance and time.

The maximum weight supported is slightly higher than cheaper models (100 kg), but it’s still a lacklustre capacity for heavier trainers. Many find it hard to adjust the incline, as it uses pins to secure the joints.

The seller isn’t always responsive, and you may have trouble receiving free ebooks like Evolve claims. The warranty policy is not generous either. It’s limited to one year long and doesn’t cover any plastic parts.


  • Adjustable incline
  • Twelve inbuilt programs
  • Three inclination levels
  • Non-slip belt with a suspension system
  • Inbuilt speaker, cup holder and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Average weight capacity (100 kg)
  • Tricky to change the incline

2 – CitySports WP2 Treadmill – Top Under-desk Choice

CitySports WP2read more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 kg
  • Maximum speed: 6 km/h
  • Motor: 0.6 HP
  • Running area: 108 x 43 cm
  • Inclines: None

In need of an under-desk treadmill under £300 for your home office? There aren’t many better options than the CitySports WP2 here.

The machine is operated by an efficient 440 W motor, enough for a walking treadmill with a maximum speed of 6 km/h. Before leaving the factory, it was pre-lubricated.

But to keep it in proper condition, you should add lubricating oil after every 100 km. The LCD screen will show a red refuelling notification when the CitySports WP2 reaches this mileage.

When it comes to ease of use and space requirements, this budget treadmill delivers on both counts. You should have no trouble finding a standing desk for this machine as it measures only 134 cm in length and 59 cm in width.

The remote control allows you to change speed depending on the workout you need and your physical condition without bending your back. Even though it’s way below, the LCD screen clearly displays the exercise time, the number of steps taken, calories expended, distance covered and speed.

It’s worth mentioning that the CitySports WP2 treadmill is compatible with other Bluetooth devices, and its walking belt is anti-slip and can absorb shock pretty well, beneficial for trainers with existing joint issues.


  • Suitable to use under a standing desk
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Spacing-saving design
  • Quiet
  • Anti-slip belt and shock-absorption


  • Only for walking (maximum 6km/h)
  • Require lubrication after every 100 km

3 – Mobvoi Home Treadmill – Best Under-desk Option

Mobvoi Home Treadmillread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: ‎120 kg
  • Maximum speed: 12 km/h
  • Motor: ‎2.25 HP
  • Running area: 100 x 40 cm
  • Inclines: None

If you’re a keen runner, who want to avoid the unpredictable weather outside, but hate to buy another bulky appliance, have a look at this Mobvoi treadmill.

It’s a very sturdy yet compact machine. It weighs around 38 kg, not too heavy, but we recommend two people carry this, especially going upstairs.

The solid construction of the Mobvoi Home Treadmill wraps around its 100×40 cm running area. The frame is easy to fold up but doesn’t look flimsy at all. In fact, it can support a weight of up to 120 kg, a capacity we usually only find on advanced treadmills.

This machine can operate at up to 12 km/h, thanks to the 2.25 HP, the standard power rating of this price point. You can turn it on or off and change speed either via the touch control panel or the remote control included in the box.

There is a holder for your smartphone, which you can play music via the Bluetooth-enabled speakers of the treadmill.

The main limitation of the Mobvoi treadmill is there is no incline adjustment. The warranty policy is lacklustre as well, with only one year of support from the manufacturer.


  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Compact when folded up
  • Excellent weight capacity (120 kg)
  • Standard speed (12 km/h)
  • Remote control included
  • Speakers and holder for smart devices
  • Bluetooth connection


  • No incline

4 – Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill – Best Domestic Brand

Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmillread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: ‎120 kg
  • Maximum speed: 12 km/h
  • Motor: ‎2.25 HP
  • Running area: 100 x 40 cm
  • Inclines: None

This Dripex treadmill looks and functions in a very similar manner to the Mobvoi machine above (even their price tags are the same).

The biggest difference? You will enjoy the warranty and customer service from RobustSport, the Cardiff-based retailer that owns the brand Dripex.

The Dripex  2 in 1 Folding treadmill boasts a 2.25 HP motor that allows for a maximum running speed of 12 km/h when unfolded. When you fold it to use as an under-desk walking treadmill, this speed limit is 4 km/h.

The motor is very quiet in operation, and with the multi-layer shock-absorptive running belt, this Dripex treadmill doesn’t disturb you while walking and working at the same time.

The running area has a common size of 100×40 cm. It can prevent slip and provides effective cushioning for your ankles, knees, muscles and joints.

So, where does this machine stumble?

Much like the Mobvoi model, the Dripex treadmill doesn’t allow for any incline adjustment, and the control panel has nothing more than basic functions. You might enjoy local customer support from RobustSport, but the warranty length is still one year.


  • Foldable to use with a standing desk
  • Compact and solid build
  • Quiet motor
  • Anti-slip and shock-reductive belt


  • No incline
  • Subpar warranty (limited to one year)

5 – BTM W501 Electric Treadmill Folding – Best Control Panel

BTM W501read more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 110 kg
  • Maximum speed: 12 km/h
  • Motor: ‎1.5 HP
  • Running area: 110 x 40 cm
  • Inclines: None

When assembly of treadmills is simply too big of a hassle for you, the BTM W501 is your best bet.

Designed for less-experienced users, this treadmill comes mostly pre-assembled. All you need to do after receiving it is to add some screws, and that’s about it.

Compared to other models with a similar price tag, the BTM W501 has a slightly weaker motor (1.5 HP), and expectedly, it can only reach the standard 12 km/h speed. However, the operation is very quiet, and the high-density lawn texture belt provides excellent stability and comfort while running.

The 4-layer running belt is spacious, measuring 110 cm in length and 40 cm in width, while the maximum weight it supports is 110 kg.

Another primary attraction of the BTM W501 is the 5-inch LCD screen that allows users to access 12 pre-programmed workouts and three countdown modes for a wider variety of fitness goals.


  • Little assembly required from users
  • Great LCD screen and inbuilt programmes
  • Spacious running area
  • Quiet motor
  • Standard speed (12 km/h)
  • Convenient twelve integral training programs


  • Limited weight capacity for the price (110 kg)

6 – JLL T350 Folding Treadmill – Greatest Value for Money

JLL S300 Folding Treadmillread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: ‎120 kg
  • Maximum speed: 18 km/h
  • Motor: ‎ 4.5 HP
  • Running area: 123 x 41 cm
  • Inclines: 20 levels

Based in Birmingham, JLL is a supplier of fitness equipment that offer great value for money, including exercise bikes, commercial running machines and folding treadmills like the JLL T350.

This domestic brand is an attractive option for British customers who want to support a company manufacturing its own products.

The speed range of the JLL T350 is from 0.3 to 18 km/h, supported by the 2.5 HP motor. It pales in comparison with commercial treadmills but should still be enough for a wide range of home workouts.

There are 20 levels of incline as well, so even walking on this treadmill can already help you lose plenty of calories.

JLL includes a 16-point cushion deck in this treadmill. This complex system ensures that the impact imposed on your joints during training is limited, making the treadmill safer for long-term use and allowing you to run faster and longer.

This model is no slouch at entertainment and monitoring either.

There is a USB port for your flash drive and an AUX port where you can plug in your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player. The high-powered speakers of the JLL T350 eliminate the hassle of wearing wired headphones while working out.

The 5-inch LCD screen displays all the usual metrics, including calories, heart rate, distance, speed and workout time. The inbuilt running programmes are quite limited, however. The JLL T350 has only 20 of them, three of which are customisable.

The running area is not too wide. It’s not the worst out there at 123 cm in length and 41 cm in width, but tall runners may find it a little restricted.

But this also means when unfolded, the JLL T350 doesn’t take up much floor space, occupying an area of just 158×70 cm. And the maximum weight supported is quite decent for its size (120 kg).

The warranty policy is decent, considering its price tag. The frame carries a lifetime guarantee, while the motor and other parts have five and two years of warranty.

You can’t expect from this treadmill fancy features or top specifications like what higher-end products offer. But at this price point, the JLL T350 is certainly a good deal.


  • Great incline range (20 levels)
  • Music player and smartphone connectivity
  • Decent-quality speakers
  • 20 inbuilt running programmes
  • Compact size compared to commercial models
  • Cushioned to absorb impact
  • Competitive warranty policy


  • Lack of many smart features
  • Average running area

7 – NordicTrack T 6.5 S – Best Automatic Incline Control

NordicTrack S20iread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 136 kg
  • Maximum speed: 16 km/h
  • Motor: ‎2.6 HP
  • Running area: 140 x 51 cm
  • Inclines: 0-10 % (digital control)

NordicTrack doesn’t just make the best running treadmill UK with a huge price tag. As the T 6.5 S has proved, you can still benefit from some of the best fitness equipment without breaking the bank.

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S is the entry-level treadmill of the T series. It features a 5-inch smart LCD where you can find all information about distance, time, estimated calorie burnt and speed.

For each brand new T 6.5 S, NordicTrack offers a free year of the iFit interactive training service. With a staggering array of workout choices, this subscription helps NordicTrack knocks training programmes of every other manufacturer out of the park.

You can access a new workout every day, and the treadmill will track your progress while adjusting the incline automatically up to 10% to mimic real-world terrain.

The 2.6 HP motor powers the T 6.5 S and allows runners to switch between 0 and 16 km/h, which is less than what the JLL treadmill above offers.

The engineering of this motor is pretty much the same as that of NordicTrack’s higher-end models. With the self-cooling ability, it doesn’t overheat easily.

Even when it stops working, you can rely on the 10-year warranty coming with this motor.

The 51 x 140 cm tread belt is durable and makes running more enjoyable by reducing vibrations with the FlexSelect cushioning. It supports runners of up to 137 kg.

The entire machine is relatively bulky and heavy at 92 kg and has unfolded dimensions of L185 x W91 x H138 cm.

It’s fiddly to assemble this treadmill if you’re alone. However, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S uses the same SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist on other premium models to make folding and unfolding easier.


  • Smart 5-inch display
  • A year of iFit membership included
  • Automatically track and enhance the training plan’s difficulty
  • Reduced vibrations with FlexSelect cushioning
  • Wide and durable tread belt
  • High maximum speed (16 km/h)
  • Impressive weight support (136 kg)
  • Excellent warranty and customer service


  • Fiddly to assemble
  • Bulky

8 – Branx Elite Runner Pro – Top Specifications

Branx Elite Runner Proread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 160 kg
  • Maximum speed: 21 km/h
  • Motor: ‎6.5 HP
  • Running area: 140 x 48 cm
  • Inclines:  22 Automatic Levels

Branx is another British manufacturer that makes the cut with its Elite Runner Pro. It nearly touches the limitation upon the price of this segment, but coming with it are tons of high-end features that can justify the cost.

While NordicTrack is infamous for its challenging setup process, the experience is completely different with the Branx Elite Runner Pro, making it the best folding treadmill UK.

Once assembled, it measures 190 cm in length, 80 cm in width and 132 cm in height. It’s not the most compact treadmill out there, but you can fold it to take up less space.

The running area of the Branx Elite Runner Pro is 140 x 48 cm, whose incline can be adjusted between 22 different levels. This range is certainly not comparable to commercial models, but for home workouts, it’s not a huge issue, especially when you can run up to 21 km/h.

The Branx Elite Runner Pro has four visible springs on the sides, part of its Dualshock 10-Point absorption system. This add-on enables cushioned running and should appeal to those runners prone to injuries.

The 3.5 HP motor powers the entire machine, and when necessary, this powerful motor can reach up to 6.5 HP.

The biggest highlight of this Elite Runner Pro compared to its competitors at this price range is the 160-kg maximum weight support. You might not be able to fully take advantage of it, but it’s always too nice to have this great capacity.

However, the warranty policy is also worse than the NordicTrack machine (5 years warranty on the frame), even though this Branx machine is much more expensive.


  • Amazing weight support (160 kg)
  • Great 22 incline options
  • Advanced speed limit (21 km/h)
  • Large LCD
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful motor


  • Average warranty for the price (five years)

9 – Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmill- Best Overall

Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmillread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: ‎110 kg
  • Maximum speed: 16 km/h
  • Motor: 2 HP
  • Running area: 126 x 41 cm
  • Inclines: 12 motorised incline levels

Reebok is a global name in the sportswear business. But only until recently its fitness products have become a serious contender for enthusiasts.

Consider the Reebok Jet 100, the best-selling model on the UK market, as a prime example. It features a 2 HP motor and 12 motorised incline levels, a much more attractive offer than other models at the same price range.

With this powerful motor, which is under a 10-year warranty from Reebok, the Reebok Jet 100 has a maximum speed of 16 km/h. Whether it’s a long endurance run or a short, high-intensity sprint, this treadmill is always up for the task.

One of the highlights that can justify the jump in the Reebok Jet 100’s price is the ZigTech cushioning system. Designed to protect your joints, this system distributes the impact energy across the cushioned running deck instead of focusing on a single area.

The running area is spacious at 130×43 cm, accommodating people over 1.9 metres and up to 110 kg. These dimensions don’t make the ZR8 much less compact compared to smaller treadmills. In the folded configuration, it only takes up an area of 130×74 cm.

Motoring your heart rate mid-run is possible with the hand pulse sensors placed on the hand rests. The 6-window LED display gives you live performance feedback, while the inbuilt speakers make the workout less boring with your favourite playlists.

But other than that, Reebok has stripped back smart features on this treadmill.

There is no other way to connect your smartphone to the Jet 100 besides the standard 3.5 mm jack. Bear this in mind if you fancy some advanced features from your treadmill.


  • Sturdy build
  • Spacious running area
  • Powerful motor
  • Wide incline range (twelve options)
  • High max speed (16 km/h) and weight capacity (110 kg)
  • Great warranty (ten years)
  • Convenient hand pulse sensors
  • Informative dashboard


  • Limited connectivity, only via a 3.5mm jack

10 – NordicTrack T 6.5 Si Treadmill

NordicTrack T 7.5Sread more


  • Maximum weight capacity: 137 kg
  • Maximum speed: 18 km/h
  • Motor: ‎2.6 HP
  • Running area: 140 x 51 cm
  • Inclines:  0-10% (digital control)

It’s not surprising to see the logo of NordicTrack – one of the leading names in the fitness equipment business – here on the best treadmill for home use UK again.

In fact, making top-of-the-line products packed with high-end features can be seen as the speciality of this American manufacturer.

Treadmills in the T series, like the NordicTrack T 6.5 Si, is a step below the flagship Commercial models. They offer a similar interactive personal training experience to that of the highest-end products of NordicTrack at more approachable prices.

Many advanced runners worry that using a treadmill causes them to lose many competitive edges on real roads. This fantastic treadmill puts this concern to rest by allowing users to choose how much cushioning is active.

As the top pick under £1000, the T 6.5 Si comes with the clever FlexSelect cushioning system from NordicTrack.

Runners have the choice between making the running mat firmer to mimic the real-world running experience or softening it to avoid harsh impacts on their joints.

Much like other NordicTrack treadmills, this model is designed with the iFit interactive training sessions in mind.

NordicTrack gives users a year of subscription to this service along with each purchase of the T 6.5 Si.

The 7-inch touch screen makes users engage more with their workouts and enables a broader array of features. From this panel, you can change the incline between 0 and 10%.

The 2.6 HP DurX Commercial Plus motor allows the T 6.5 Si to operate at 18 km/h.

This powerful motor is a workhorse that can push the machine through any kind of workout you need, from intensive interval sprints to smoother rides or slow walks.

NordicTrack treadmills are known for their SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist technology. The T 6.5 Si is no exception. You can fold it easily when there isn’t a lot of space for it.

The belt and the frame look slim, but they can support a weight limit of up to 137 kg. If you haven’t run on a treadmill before, you may overlook the importance of a quality belt. It’s the weakest point of many low-end models, leading to a raft of problems like stretching out or fraying.

The manufacturer deserves a compliment here as it incorporates the durable belt from the Commercial series into the T lineup, including the T 6.5 Si. This choice eases up a lot of worries about the longevity of this model, allowing it to take much more intensive exercises than other products on this list.

The AutoBreeze workout fan, the Bluetooth audio capability and the Dual amplified speakers – all the goodies that make runners jealous of top-of-the-line NordicTrack treadmills are also present.

As awesome as the T 6.5 Si is, it’d remiss if we didn’t mention a few issues with this treadmill.

It’s a pricey buy, but you still don’t have the benefits of having heart rating monitoring like the Commercial models. And NordicTrack could improve the iFit registration to make it less confusing.

Overall, if you look for a treadmill for light or moderate running sessions, this one is hard to beat. As a middle-ground model, it gives novice runners a chance to get their hands on unique features and technologies from NordicTrack.


  • Durable running belt
  • Convenient 10-inch touch screen
  • Adjustable cushioning firmness
  • Fold up easily to save space
  • iFit interactive training (free for a year)
  • Powerful motor for a superior maximal speed of 18 km/h
  • Easily adjustable incline
  • Impressive weight capacity (137 kg)
  • Plenty of extras like Bluetooth audio and workout fan


  • Improvable iFit’s user interface
  • No heart rate monitoring


At the end of the day, you can get by with cheap treadmills, which sometimes don’t come with a motorised belt. They don’t cost much while still enabling various treadmill workout options if you rather walk to exercise.

On the other hand, plenty of top-class treadmills in the UK are available from well-established brands at a higher cost.

Going up along the price segments in our top treadmill reviews, manufacturers start introducing better specifications (greater weight capacity, more incline settings or wider running area) and more advanced features (Bluetooth connectivity, inbuilt programmes or touch screen).

10 Best Under Desk Treadmill UK 2023 – Reviews & Top Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we have picked up along our journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle using a treadmill.

Which are the best brands of treadmills in the UK?

Most treadmill manufacturers also make other types of home and commercial fitness equipment. The biggest names in the UK market include NordicTrack, Opti and Reekbox.

NordicTrack is the first choice of many enthusiasts whenever they need to buy a high-quality machine. Its treadmills are popular at gyms around the world. But this company also offers lower-end treadmills at less prohibitive prices for casual exercisers.

Opti, a brand from Argos, has a completely different catalogue.

Founded in 2016, this brand sells affordable fitness equipment, including exercise bikes and foldable treadmills. Its products are quite bare-bones, sometimes not even motorised. But they appeal to those who don’t want to spend much on feature-rich treadmills.

On the other hand, the target customers of Reebok are those who want to have a functional, reliable home gym.

British manufacturers like JLL and Branx are newer names in the industry and have gained significant shares in the UK treadmill market.

What is common advice from experts and experienced users?

When you turn on an aggressive pace and stick it out, there is a chance your feet can’t keep up with the fast-moving belt.

You may overstride, landing your feet too ahead of your body and leading to hamstring, hip and knee pain.

Try to match the stride rate on your treadmill (the number of steps per minute) to the pace you normally walk or run outdoors. If this rate on the treadmill is much lower than it is on the road, you’re likely overstriding. Reduce the speed in this case to avoid injuries.

What are the most common types of treadmills?

Both motorised and manual treadmills exist, but the former is overwhelmingly more popular.

The motor in an electric treadmill powers the wide conveyor belt or a flywheel. The user will have to walk or run at the same pace to match the movements of the belt or risk falling off the machine.

What are the common problems with treadmills?

Slipping belt: try to tighten and align the running belt as it may be over-tightened or there is too much friction. Lift the belt in the centre and measure the gap. If this distance is under three centimetres, the belt is too tight and can cause slipping.

Heated belt: the probaby culprit is too much friction between the belt and the platform. The belt may need lubrication or even a complete replacement in this case.

Non-working motor: this is a significant issue that most people can’t fix at home. Call the manufacturer and ask for assistance. A professional may come and repair or replace the motor or electrical circuit.

Burning smell: this is an indication of a serious issue with your treadmill. Turn off and unplug the machine immediately. If the smell comes from a short circuit, you will need to have it repaired by the manufacturer or a professional service.

Are treadmills worth it?

If you care much about your fitness and your health in general, the answer is yes.

High-quality treadmills make the current weather no longer relevant to your exercising plan. Whether it’s pouring rain outside or you want to go for a run at night or during the winter, a treadmill is always up for it.

When you have enough budget and space in your house, a good treadmill will be one of the wisest investments for your health in the long term.

What makes folding treadmills a good choice?

Folding treadmills have enjoyed great popularity for the obvious reason. Users can easily bring it out before the workout session and tuck it away once they’re done.

This model eliminates the need for a permanent area for a treadmill, creating a makeshift gym that takes up much less space in your home or office.

However, pay close attention to the stability of a folding treadmill. Make sure that it’s solid enough to support you while running at max speeds.

How many times should I use a treadmill a week?

The answer mostly depends on your workout schedules and fitness goals. Many have a run on their treadmills once a week, while others go for intensive sessions four or five times during the same period.

Can I work on a treadmill?

Regular treadmills don’t come with a work desk suitable for putting your laptop or documents.

But if you’re willing to look for specific treadmill desks (which look like standing desks), working while jogging on a treadmill is totally possible and has been a favourite routine for many people working from home.

Besides, some of our mentioned suggestions are foldable to fit under a working desk, such as the CitySports WP2 or the Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill.

Is working out on a treadmill bad for my knees?

This unfounded belief is a common reason against buying a treadmill, but it’s simply not true. Running or walking on a treadmill isn’t more dangerous than outdoors, where the ground could be slippery, bumpy, uneven or even other hazards.

However, a regular treadmill can still worsen the problem if you already suffer from knee issues. In this case, you can count on high-quality products designed with a slatted belt or a softer deck to improve your posture and reduce the impact on your joints while running.

How can I make running on a treadmill less dull?

Intense workouts could be much more enjoyable if you can structure them with a goal in mind.

Try to alternate the pace between slower and faster speeds every few minutes.

Breaking your workout into several segments doesn’t just allow you to distribute your energy better but also makes you get a sense of accomplishment after finishing each short segment.

Bringing your smartphone and listening to your favourite albums, audiobooks or podcasts is also a good way to make the training session more interesting.

Do treadmills come assembled, or do I need to do it myself?

Treadmills are bulky pieces of equipment and don’t come pre-assembled. Many retailers and manufacturers offer delivery options that include white-glove assembly services.

Are treadmills easy to assemble?

Complicated fitness equipment like treadmills is much trickier to set up than your typical furniture. If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s better to ask for help from an experienced friend or a professional service.

Many brands offer assembly service for free when you buy from them. There are also independent services that charge you a fee to assemble your treadmill.

That said, if you are strong enough and handy with tools, and a friend or family member of yours is willing to help, it’s not an impossible feat.

What are the benefits of folding treadmills?

Foldable models are typically more expensive than non-folding treadmills.

It’s a good choice if you can’t set up a dedicated workout space in your house, such as a garage or a spare room. Folding treadmills will help you avoid arguments about where to put them, especially when you live with roommates.

Foldability also comes in handy when you like to exercise at work.

Final Words

The fitness equipment industry is currently experiencing an interesting time. The spike in the at-home market puts manufacturers in fiercer competition with more quality products introduced onto the market.

Our treadmill reviews UK have proven that treadmills are no longer an expensive investment but have become a cost-effective alternative to a gym membership.

If you can afford to meet the cost of the best treadmill UK, the NordicTrack T 6.5 is our go-to recommendation. But the best-selling Reebok jet 100 should have more appeal for those with a smaller budget.

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