Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter – What You Should Know

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Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter

Hoverboards are the hottest new craze, but they may not be worth the risk. Whereas electric scooters are a safer alternative that still gives you all of the fun. So which one should you pick between hoverboard vs electric scooter? Here is everything you need to know before buying either one!

Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter

Ease Of Use

It’s easy to be intimidated by hoverboards and electric scooters. They’re definitely more difficult than a regular bike, but these vehicles have all of the features that make them user-friendly too!

The most important difference between an e-scooter or a hoverboard is their components. The electric scooter has a throttle button, so you can control how fast it goes. It comes with brakes for slowing down when needed, and even handlebars that allow riders to turn right/left while going forward (or vice versa).

You can adjust their speeds with buttons.

You can adjust their speeds with buttons.

The hoverboard is more of a futuristic sci-fi machine than anything. Some might say it comes straight out of a movie. It has many disadvantages.

To master it, you must know how to balance and position your body to control the vehicle. Speeding up or slowing down depends on your body movements, even turning.

That being said, you need time to practice with this new tech. Initially, your body position will be off compared to what’s needed to balance these things correctly. Just take your time to practice until you find yourself getting comfortable again.


The average speed of a hoverboard is 15 mph / 25 km. Due to their weight distribution, they are only designed for short distances and cannot travel very long periods at higher speeds.

Hoverboards can support up to 20 pounds, while electric scooters range from 5-10 pounds for each rider, depending on model/size preference.

Hoverboards can be quite fast.

Hoverboards can be quite fast.

The highest recorded top-level achieved by an individual board was 23mph! Pretty much all electric scooter models will be able to reach over 30+ kilometres per hour. Some are even faster than 100km/hr if there are large enough battery packs equipped inside them (though these types may also require licenses to ride).


As the most popular form of transport, hoverboards are both safe and convenient. It’s their speed limit we have mentioned above that makes them safe. You can’t go very fast on a hoverboard because these devices aren’t capable of going much faster than about 15 miles per hour (24 km/h). Obviously, slow speed means safer!

Electric scooters have been known to exceed this maximum rate, resulting in the possibility of getting injured. Yet, not many people would need to speed up so fast like that. As long as you responsibly take care not to break too far past 35+mph max, you should be safe.

As long as you don’t ride at breakneck speed, you should be okay.

As long as you don’t ride at breakneck speed, you should be okay.

Many riders choose to use an electric scooter over a hoverboard. Electric Scooters have been known as the safer alternative because they have handlebars, making balancing easier and keeping you from falling off if something happens while riding!

The speeds at which these two types of vehicles can travel may seem comparable. However, there is still one big difference between them: what causes accidents with either? Accidents happen when people lose control, but mainly due to a lack of experience on how best to ride their respective type of device or lack of control of hoverboards.
With the above points, it seems that the electric scooter is winning regarding safety. Though it comes with a faster speed, it offers handles for more control!


Regarding storing, it’s their sizes that matter most!

A hoverboard might be the winner in this criteria as it comes in a compact size. One can easily store it underneath their desks! Just so you know, it’s only 58,5 cm long with 25 cm in wheels’ diameter!

Electric scooters can also be stored underneath desks when folded up, but this doesn’t always happen due to their larger length- 127 cm, which is almost double that of the hoverboard!

Still, many people figure their ways of storing it under desks with no trouble at all.

When it comes to weight, hoverboards are much lighter than electric scooters. The average hoverboard weighs about 12 kg, and only a few models weigh up to 15 kg.

Still the same story, an electric scooter weighs almost double that of a hoverboard with an average of 21 kg. What’s more impressive? Various electric scooter variants take up to 30 kg!

Though you may dislike electric scooters for their heavy-weight characteristic after this comparison, many still adore them as there are ways to store and carry them around with ease!

Distances range

A vehicle’s battery capacity decides its distance range. The two models share the same lithium battery. Still, hoverboards offer a smaller distance range. It only provides users with a 10 to 20 km range.

This range is also dependent on different weather conditions, terrain levels, wind, passengers, etc. Also, purchasing an expensive one gives you a range of up to 20 km!

On the contrary, an electric scooter can take you as far as 24 km just with one charge. Some models even exceed that number with 40 to 56 km! How amazing is that!

It’s clear who’s the winner here, right?

Hoverboards do not last that long.

Hoverboards do not last that long.

Quick Rundown Of Hoverboard 


  • Small and light enough to carry around
  • Good for travelling in low speed


  • No handles

Quick Rundown Of Electric Scooter


  • Fast and safe
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Nice distance range


  • Accident-prone
  • Heavy-weight

Hoverboard Vs Electric Scooter – Which Is The Winner?

The decision at this point depends greatly on your preferences and needs. Still, after in-depth analysis, we would conclude that the electric scooter will come in handy.

Why is that so? Because it offers safe experiences at a higher speed. It’s even so much easier to learn how to use it in a short period.

Stability is a notable point here. If you’re an adult, you don’t want to risk getting injured with a lightweight hoverboard that can barely hold you.


Once again, hoverboard vs electric scooter, which is better, is all up to you! For those who want a reliable and durable vehicle, go for the electric scooter. If you need a compact vehicle and want to challenge yourselves regarding balancing, purchase a hoverboard instead!

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